At Sunrise

In the morning, PV produced solar energy is used to optimise self-consumption; excess energy is used to recharge the batteries.


If there is not enough solar energy being produced to run your house in the day time, rather than topping up from the grid, the battery will provide the shortfall, before recharging.  

After Sunset

When the sun goes down, the system automatically consumes solar energy reserved in the batteries to meet household consumption.


Typically, the battery lasts 4-5 hours before being fully discharged, if there is insufficient battery capacity to meet the household consumption requirements; electricity is obtained from the grid.  

 Solar power battery storage is fast becoming the next big thing within the Solar Panel industry and installers are constantly being asked to install them. The reason for this is quite straight forward, It’s a non-hassle retro fit installation that enhances your current solar PV system investment.

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